Bansal Classes Analysis of JEE Main 2013 Exam

In an interview with Careers360, the experts and faculty from various major coaching institutes are analyzing the JEE Main 2013 exam paper. The analysis provided by them will help the test takers to gauge their performance and help the students who will take the online JEE main exam from April 9 to April 25, 2013.

This interview will give you the views on JEE Main 2013 of Dr. Sonal Rajora, Vice President and Head of the Department, Chemistry, Bansal Classes, Kota.

Q: What is the level of toughness across the different sections of JEE Main 2013 exam?

A:  In last year’s comparison, the paper was on the easier side. The sections, especially Chemistry and Mathematics are easier compared to Physics. In general, the Physics section was not that difficult.

Q: What was the type of questions in the JEE Main exam? Was there any surprises?

A: The questions were mostly from the syllabus which was prescribed for the JEE Main exam. The Chemistry section had some informative question as well, for e.g. “Which gas was used in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy?” There were a couple of surprises as well. A question in Mathematics section was not from the CBSE board syllabus. There was another question in Chemistry which asked about the detailed procedure of photosynthesis. This was an unexpected one. Also, some of the questions in Physics are reported to be erroneous as none of the options had the correct answer.

Q: What is the expected cut off for this year’s JEE Main exam?

A: According to me, the cut off of JEE Main 2013 exam is around 127 marks. I think students scoring above this would be selected for the JEE Advance exam.

Q: How should the students, who have taken the offline JEE Main 2013 exam and those who are about to take the online test prepare now?

A: The students who have already taken the test on Sunday, April 7, 2013, should now continue their preparation for the JEE Advance exam. The difficulty level would be higher than the JEE Main exam. Continue the study with equal rigour without a break.

For those who are yet to take the test in the online exam, take more and more mock tests in the computer based format. You need to get absolutely comfortable in the online mode of JEE Main 2013 exam. Don’t start any new chapter at this juncture. Keep your cool.

Q: What is your opinion on the new ranking formula for JEE Main exam by including 40% board marks and 60% JEE marks?

A: I think this is an interesting move. Previously when the board exam cut off was 60%, the students did not bother to work hard for the Class XII final exam and concentrate only on the JEE. This move would compel them to develop skill to write different types of questions, both subjective and objective, which are the patterns of board exam and JEE exam respectively.

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