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BITSAT 2014 Paper Pattern

Updated On:18 Jul 2014 10:05 AM IST By: prabha dhavala

BITSAT 2014 Paper Pattern allows the aspirants to get an idea about the BITSAT 2014 Online Tests the engineering courses at the various campuses of BITS. Candidates are tested in the Class XI and XII Syllabus as per NCERT and the BITSAT 2014 is a computer based one with multiple questions. Candidates will also be tested in their English proficiency. Check the BITSAT 2014 Exam Pattern below.

For any doubts and queries, Call the BITSAT 2014 Exam Helpline at 011-40360360

BITSAT 2014 Paper Pattern:

  • Candidates have to appear for an Online Test of 3 hours duration.

  • The BITSAT exam comprises of four sections; one section for each subject as given in the table below.

  • All questions asked in BITSAT 2014 will be of objective type / multiple choice questions with candidates required to choose one answer out of four options.

  • The computer is programmed not to allow any candidate to choose more than one answer.

  • Every correct answer carries 3 marks

  • Every incorrect answer will be awarded -1 mark  

  • Candidates can skip a question if they desire to and come back later to answer it

  • The total number of questions in BITSAT 2014 will be 150 questions

  • There is no time limit section wise for the test. Candidates can answer any questions, any sections and go back to edit their previous answers too within the 3 hour duration of BITSAT 2014.

  • Any candidate capable of answering the 150 question within the specified time can attempt an additional 12 questions (four each from Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry only).

  • Candidates who choose to answer these extra 12 questions will not be able to go to the actual BITSAT exam to change any of the 150 answers completed previously.

  • All questions and question Papers will be in English

  • Candidates will be given different papers as the questions will be randomly selected from a large database by the computer.


BITSAT 2014 Paper Pattern at a Glance:

 BITSAT 2014 Exam Section

Subject in BITSAT 2014

No of questions

Part I



Part II



Part III

(a) English Proficiency

(b) Logical Reasoning



Part IV







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