Joint Entrance Exam Main (JEE Main)
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Exam Level: National Level Exam
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Download Answer Key of JEE Main 2013 by Sri Chaitanya - PDF

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While all the students are eagerly waiting for the answer key of JEE Main 2013 after the exam, we are providing an opportunity to download JEE Main 2013 answer key and solutions from Sri Chaitanya. The students can benefit from the answer key to get the correct answers and thereby calculate the total score.


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The JEE Main 2013 complete solutions will help the students understand how the questions and problems were solved. The answer key and solutions are prepared by a group of experts and faculty from Sri Chaitanya.

Sri Chaitanya is one of the biggest names among engineering entrance coaching institutes in the country. Being in the sector for years, the institute provides quality training to the students and prepare them to face major engineering entrance exams and come out with flying colours. Sri Chaitanya has specific programmes designed for students of different calibre. The institute with centres in eight states and union territories has its presence across India.

Download JEE Main 2013 answer key from Sri Chaitanya. The key has the answers for the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of

Code P JEE Main 2013 Paper 1

Code Q JEE Main 2013 Paper 1

Code R JEE Main 2013 Paper 1

Code S JEE Main 2013 Paper 1

The students can also download:

JEE Main 2013 solutions

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After getting the score, the students can use our Mock Counselling Engine to know his/her estimated rank before the announcement of results. The Engine will also help the students to find their best fit engineering college as per their rank and major preferences. 


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