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GATE 2014 Application Form

Updated On:26 Jun 2014 11:36 AM IST By: prabha dhavala

GATE 2014 Application Form is online only through the GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPS). Candidates have to register using a valid email Id as well as their mobile number before applying. Candidates must keep the check list ready before filling in the Application Form of GATE 2014.  Check below all details about the Application Form of GATE 2014.

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Latest: The date for the receipt of the Printout of the Online Application Form has been extended from October 10 to 17, 2013 till 5 pm

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GATE 2014 Application Form

  • Click here to Register through the GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPS) from September 2, 2013 only

  • The GOAPS website can be accessed from the website of the GATE 2014 Organizing Institute (IIT Kharagpur) OR the website of the respective Zonal GATE Offices

  • A valid email address, mobile number and a GOAPS password is required for Registration.


  • All communication from the GATE 2014 authorities will be sent to the Email ID given during GATE 2014 Registration

  • A candidate can register with one Email ID only.

  • Most communication may be sent by SMS to the mobile number provided hence candidates must enter a currently in use mobile number.

GOAPS Password:
 Candidates must choose the password provided to the GOAPS very carefully during the Enrolment as it will have to be used to access any GATE 2014 related information.


GOAPS Enrolment ID: After successful enrolment, theGOAPS Enrolment ID communicated through an email and an SMS has to be used to log in for accessing the GATE 2014 related information.


Details required for GATE 2014 Application Form:

  • Personal Information like name date of birth, personal mobile number, parent’s name, parent’s mobile number etc.

  • The correct Address for Communication with PIN code

  • Qualifying degree details with College address, PIN code of college

  • Chosen GATE paper (Candidates have to specify the paper as they can attempt one paper only),

  • Choice of three GATE Examination Cities (three choices to be specified from 2014)

  • Scanned photograph as per specification (given below)

  • Scanned signature as per specifications (given below)

  • Candidates have to enter the details of a valid ID Proof to be furnished in the examination hall along with the Admit Card of GATE 2014.

GATE 2014 Application Form: Click here

GATE 2014 Photograph Guidelines

  • Students with glasses must take care that the glare is avoided in the photograph

  • Only colour photographs will be accepted. They must have a with a white or light background

  • Photograph must be in a JPEG format between 320 × 240 and 640×480 (0.3 Mega pixel)

  • File size should be between 10KB and 100KB.

  • The photograph must have been taken after 1st July 2013.

  • Note: Photographs from mobiles or other such devices are not acceptable.


GATE 2014 Signature Guidelines:

  • Candidates have to draw a rectangular box of size 7 × 2 cm on an A4 white paper

  • Candidates must put their signature with black or dark blue ink pen within this box.

  • After scanning the signature, crop the image to the box given.

  • Signatures in JPEG image formats only will be accepted with a size of 400 x 200.

  • The pixel resolution for the image should be between 400 × 150 and 800 × 300.

  • The File size should be between 10KB and 100KB.

  • Note: Photographs of the signatures taken using mobile phone are not acceptable

Note: The Print out of the GATE 2014 Application Form after submission has to be sent to the GATE office as specified. (date extended till October 17, 2013)

Click here to know how to the GATE 2014 Application Procedure, documents to be sent along with the Printout of the Application Form and other details

GATE 2014 Online Application Forms Common Problems:

  • GOAPS Login Problems –To be used in case the candidate forgets the password or the Enrolment ID or has not received the Enrolment ID.

    If Candidates forget their Enrolment ID or face non-receipt of Enrolment ID via email: The Mobile Number and email address must be provided to avail the Enrolment ID by SMS/email.

  • If GOAPS Password is Forgotten: Candidates must provide their Mobile Number, Email and Enrolment ID, which will be verified. Candidates will receive a “one time password” (OTP) via Email and SMS to reset the new GOAPS password.

  • In case candidates forget both Enrolment ID and password: The Registered Mobile Number and email address must be provided to receive the Enrolment ID via SMS/email.




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