Joint Entrance Exam Main (JEE Main)
Exam Type: U.G
Exam Level: National Level Exam
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Joint Entrance Exam Main ( JEE Main )
JEE Main 2014 is the first stage of the Joint entrance Examination, the two tier examination from 2013 for the engineering undergraduate admissions to the NITS and Centrally funded institutes as well as a number of leading private universities and in.. Read More >>
Devendra 3 days 21 hours ago Answer
i am expecting 200 marks in jee main and 92 % in cbse my approximate rank will be around ?...
Sanchit Narula
Sanchit Narula 3 days 23 hours ago Answer
IN our centre we were asked to hand over our mains admit card to them instead of board admit card. I am scared. What should i do?...
Asutosh 4 days 1 hour ago Answer
could u plz solve it and give me thw answers?...
Samit Chatterjee
Samit Chatterjee 4 days 14 hours ago Answer
So far my calculation I may score 204 in Jee Main 2014. And I passed HS in 2013 my percentile was 99.57 ( percentage was 84.60 from WB state council of HS education). What will be my rank in jee main?...
Prathamesh H 6 days 16 hours ago Answer
I am general candidate I am getting approximately 28 marks in JEE Mains and 68% apprroximately in HSC state board can I get admission in engineering....??? ...

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