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JEE Main Rank Predictor is not available for use now.

Either our data scientists are working on upgrading the Result Predictor for this exam or the final results for this session have already been announced. You can use result predictor only from it's exam date till result date. Please visit www.careers360.com/result-predictor to try result predictors that are available for use.

To know your chances of admission into top colleges based on your result visit www.engineering.careers360.com/jee-main-college-predictor.

How is JEE MAIN rank calculated?

Let us assume JEE Main marks scored by the student as A.
Let B be the aggregate marks in a particular board computed from a list of five subjects meeting the JEE Main Eligibility Criteria.
This is used to compile the percentile (P) of each student to get the corresponding JEE Main marks.
B1 = JEE Main aggregate marks corresponding to percentile (P) at the All-India level

B2 =JEE Main aggregate marks corresponding percentile (P) among the set of aggregate scores obtained in the JEE Main by the students of that board.
Computation of normalized board score of the candidate:
Bfinal = 0.5 * (B1 + B2).
Calculation of the composite score for JEE Main Merit List:
C = 0.6 * A + 0.4 * Bfinal. This composite score arrived at will be the basis for the JEE Main Merit Ranks.
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