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INTRODUCTION : The National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal is a premier autonomous university along the western shores of India. It was founded in July 1960, as a joint venture between the Government of Karnataka and the Government of India, originally under the name Karnataka Regional Engineering College(KREC), Surathkal. In the year 2002, it was christened National Institute of Technology – Karnataka and was also given the status of an Institute of National Importance. It attracts bright students from all over the country & abroad. Rightly so, it seems, because NITK has quickly moved up the ranks and is widely regarded as being among the Top ten engineering colleges of India. It is also currently mentoring NIT-Goa(one of the 10 New NIT's started in 2010)

Engineering College Ranking By India Today :


The 295 acres (1.19 km2) Beautiful Green campus is located on National Highway 66 (formerly National Highway 17), by the shores of Arabian Sea, and has a private beach, including a lighthouse.Though the name Surathkal may not be terribly appealing, students swear by the location of NITK. Also, on the one side of NITK Surathkal, the lovely city of Mangalore is just 22 kilometres away & on the other Side, Manipal (a university town suberb with Udipi City) is just 35 kms  away. Its not SO perfect though – the weather isn’t too great there are just two seasons- 7 months of summer and 5 months of torrential rain .The only negative point(not really), there is lot of Humidity because of it's location near to Arabian Sea.


Infrastructure is one the things on which an NITKian can feel proud. Recent Development in Infrastructure makes it even more better. Actually. Four years ago, yes, the college looked like it was in urgent need of a makeover. And that’s exactly what it got; a crazy spree of construction activity has completely transformed the entire look of NITK.NITK looks awesome now. New Mechanical Engineering Department(looks much better than a Mall, one can call it as Mech. mall) & New Basic Science Department and a few more are under construction. All the laboratories are brand new and fully functional, with the latest equipments. The library, although not air conditioned, is well ventilated and always has more books than you can ask for.But there is a Reading Room in the library which is air conditioned where students can go & study. There is also Digital library through which one can access 100,000 + books , journals , etc. The college also has really good facilities for sports, with a number of courts and grounds for different sports, and an Olympic-size swimming pool as well. The main building and the Mega hostels are wifi enabled. The only complaint students have is with the scarcity of water coolers in the campus, but it is improving day by day.


Completely Residential Campus with Hostel Facilities for 4000+ Students. For Boys, 8 Hostel Blocks & 3 Mega towers (Each having 500+ Rooms).For Girls, 3 Hostel Blocks & Mega Tower which built recently only. There is also an International Hostel. 9 Dining Halls offering different Cuisine. A North Indian Student might feel difficulty in the starting while adjusting with the food but after sometime he/she will used to it. All Hostel rooms provided with the Internet Connection. Now, Administration is working on making the whole campus wi-fi. Experiments are going on . Hope, very soon, NITK will have wi-fi in whole campus.


NITK Surathkal is having highly motivated, Qualified & Experienced Faculty. Most of the Faculty is having the Phd Degree. Faculty Members have been deputed to universities abroad for Research Interactions. Most students are full of good things to say about the professors, who are said to be very friendly and extremely approachable. The Mechanical department faculty is singled out for special praise, while students say that the CS and IT branches are slightly short of experienced faculty members. The good part is that none of the professors have big ego problems, and most share a good rapport with students. The college needs more faculty as students is getting increased by every year, So Right now, they are recruiting the new Faculty members.


Attendance is the things which can bring tension to every NITK Students. All NITs have a 75 percent attendance rule, though there are a few where it’s slightly relaxed, not at NITK, though. Almost all the professors are very particular about attendance (there are a few exceptions of course, but you never know when they might change their minds).For e.g Professor might looks very cool regarding Attendance & won’t say you anything regarding Attendance but at the last moment , he might announced in the Class that people who are having less than 75 % attendance , Be Ready for FA Grade.) If you fall short of attendance, warnings are given. But if you still fail to pull up your socks, you can expect to flunk the subject. They even have a term for it – FA grade (Failed because of Attendance). Yikes! And That means you are Screwed & you have to Repeat the Course during the Summer or in Next Semester.


NITK Surathkal Fest certainly don’t have the most innovative of names, but festivals are extremely popular and receive wild participation from across the country.

ENGINEER: Annual National Level Intercollegiate Technical Festival of NITK Surathkal. It attracts participants from all over the country. 'ENGI' as it is colloquially called by the students has as its logo, the Penrose Triangle, and this theme has been used along with the tag-line, 'Think... Create... Engineer’. Usually held in the End of October.

INCIDENT: Annual National Level Intercollegiate Cultural Festival of NITK Surathkal. Held over five days, the festival includes events from dance and dramatics to music, painting, fashion and quizzing .In addition, Incident Pro-Nite features top Indian singers and bands. Usually held in the End of February.

CRESENDO: Inter-year Institute Cultural festival which is used to held in the End of January.


After the Infrastructure, faculty once again NITK students can feel proud on placements. Well, the placements are really, really good, and they just seem to go on improving year on year. The average salary is around 7 lpa, which is fantastic, of course. The average salary varies from 5-10 lpa for different engineering branches.The top companies from most engineering-related (and other’s also for e.g. Consultancy, Bank’s,Finance,etc) sectors are regular recruiters at NITK. To give you a gist of what you can expect, Facebook recently picked up a few students for a California based profile, and will be paying them a whopping 52lpa (when converted to rupees, obviously, but it’s still bonkers, isn’t it?!). Google and Microsoft have been visiting the campus for the past few years as well, and picking a handful of brilliant students at mind boggling salaries!! Recently Microsoft also picked up few students with a highly whopping package of 64 lpa(after converting to Indian Rupee, now the twist is Indian rupee value got down, so the package crosses the 80 lpa ) !!


National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal
Srinivasnagar, Dakshina Kannada District,
Mangalore 575025 , Karnataka.
Tel +91-824-2474000-2474023 (24 lines)
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