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TNEA 2013 Rank List has been announced today (June 12, 2013). The TNEA 2013 Rank List is calculated taking the various factors into count like the community categories, reservation criteria, inter-se merit guidelines. The Rank List for TNEA 2013 is after normalization of the marks of all the boards to bring the various boards on an equal footing.The TNEA 2013 Rank List displays the names of the students rankwise along with the normalised scores. Check the TNEA 2013 Rank List below on this page to know your scores and rank.

TNEA 2013 Rank List:

  • The marks of all students are normallzed before the TNEA 2013 Rank List is prepared.

  • The TNEA 2013 TNEA 2013 Rank List is prepared on a total marks of 200.

  • In case of a tie, the TNEA 2013 Rank List is prepared on the basis of several factors given below


The TNEA 2013 Rank List Priority will be calculated on Community wise Categorization, Marks in Mathematics, Marks in Physics, Marks in Chemistry, Marks in the the 4th optional subject, Date of Birth and Random number assigned (higher value will be given preference) in the given order. In addition to the percentage of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, the fourth subject marks of Biology or Computer Sciences will be considered on bunching. In every 0.25 cut-off marks, there might be chances that many students will get the same cut-off marks.

TNEA 2013 Random Number
for compilation of TNEA 2013 Rank List

  • Random Number is a system auto generated 10 digit number

  • The random numbers will be assigned to all students who have applied to the TNEA 2013.

  • The list of random numbers has been released by the university on June 5, 2013 prior to the publication of the TNEA rankings

Click here to know your TNEA 2013 Random Number  using your Application No.

CHECK the TNEA 2013 Rank List below


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