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I am a student at VIT University.Here i am going to share about my college.

 VIT reffers to Vellore Institute of Technology. It is located in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. This college was initially started as a college affliated to Madras University. It has been started with the aim of providing a high quality of education with international standards.They try to adopt new and innovative teaching methods rather than the old and traditional way.

The college has a very good infrastructure. The campus extends upto 450 acres. It has a green campus cleaned and maintained every day.They have attracted students from all parts of the globe through various foreign colloborations. They also provide student exchange and faculty exchange programes under which we are selected to study abroad in the partenering universities.

The college provides a good hostel facility. It has got a big hostel where it accomodates around 10000 students. The hostel blocks are fully secured with guards. The campus is divided in two by the Chennai–Bangalore railway line. The academic portion of the campus and the women's hostels are to the south of the railway tracks while the northern portion is has the men's hostels and the outdoor stadium. The southern side also houses four major auditorium and two major food service areas. The quality of food provided in the mess is good. We are given the option to select the various kinds of mess like south veg/non veg ,north veg/non veg and special mess. It has an outdoor stadium, athletic tracks, 2 swimming pools. Out of the two swimming pools one of then is Olympic sized. It encourages students to join in various clubs through which they can improve themselves more than what they are today. The whole campus is WIFI enavled and its given free of cost. VIT ranks top for several years in campus placement among many private institutions in India. Every year around 300 companies vist the campus and recruit students in a large numbers. TCS has created a National record in VIT in the year 2008-09 by   recruiting 1075 students. According to the figures of Limca book of records 2008 edition, Cognizant created a new national record by recruiting 1643 students in 2010-11, and 1842 students in 2011-12. VIT is a home away from home. We get the only the best and that makes the students best.

It ranks next to IIT's that are around the nation. so according to me it is the best private institution which aims at International standards.